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Before our arrival in India we were warned by many travelers and, mostly, by the local people in Sri Lanka that India is not a pleasant destination to travel to. We’ve been told about the dirt, the garbage and the animals in the streets. But India has always been a country that we wanted to discover, mostly because of our colleagues and friends that we met onboard cruise ships and who always inspired us with stories from their homeland. And how can someone that enjoys to travel and discover things not be curious about the diversity that characterizes India so well?

Our first steps on Indian ground

There are a few aspects that describe the country very well, one of them being the strong contrast. Contrast between the old and the new, the poor and the rich, the modern and the traditional. And this contrast was the first thing we noticed at the arrival on the airport in Bengaluru  (or Bangalore), one of the most beautiful airports we’ve been in. A modern airport bus took us to the city center, driving through nicely arranged parks and on a well-maintained road. But a few minutes later we started being aware of the traffic around us. The modern airport bus got lost in the infinity of tuk-tuks and scooters that started filling the roads. Vendors showed up at almost every street corner, selling street food. There was traffic, there was dust, smell, noise and, in the middle of all, cows passing undisturbed by cars or by the people that seemed so much involved in their busy lives.



It was India as we imagined it and it was beautiful. Some people might describe the experience as a cultural shock, other as a fascinating spectacle. But one thing is sure and true about what it is being told about India, it is unique in so many ways.

Bengaluru wasn’t a must-see destination on the route that we planned for India, but the connecting point for the flight to Kochi. Due to the intense rain prior to our arrival and the floods that caused heavy damage to the localities on the coast of the Kerala region, the second leg of our flight got canceled, so we decided to still fly into the country but spend a bit of time in a safer area.

Bengaluru was probably the better place to start in. The city is well balanced in terms of costs and access to facilities. It is actually one of the modern cities of India and one of the most important in the south part of the country.

Moving around in Bengaluru

For transportation, we relied more on walking as we booked our accommodation in the central area and when we wanted to cover longer distances we mainly used metered tuk-tuks. Other times, like the time when we returned to the airport, we booked our transfer via Ola Cabs, a mobile app that makes it easy to understand prices and to find convenient transportation options. Uber, the sometimes more expensive alternative to Ola Cabs, also works just fine in the city.


Food in Bengaluru

The best thing to experience in India is probably the food and, with such a variety of delicious dishes, we must say it is one of our favorite food destinations. But, if Indian food is not your thing, don’t worry. Western food is largely available and good coffee shops as well. Prices vary according to the kind of experience every traveler looks for. Restaurants serving local food are widely spread along almost every road, offering good and affordable food. Street food is also available in a diversity of choices, as well as fresh snacks and fruits served directly on the street.



For a more “western” experience, there are streets filled with shops of modern brands, nicely designed coffee places and shopping malls. For a more traditional taste, we recommend visiting local markets and get lost in the crowds.



Apart from the authenticity offered by the spectacle of the streets, there are a few touristic attractions that travelers in the city can see. We visited the governmental building Vidhana Soudha, some of the local markets and parks and spent most of our time enjoying the good food and delicious Masala Tea.


We spent a full week in Bangalore and after being trapped for so many days in the chaos of a big city, we took our next flight to a more peaceful and greener place, Goa.

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