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As we planned a longer stay in India, we decided to dedicate some of our time to volunteering in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan, choosing as destination the closest city to the wilderness of the desert, Jaisalmer.

We didn’t find just a beautiful city there, but also the silence, which was completely absent in the other places that we visited in India, and some of the most friendly people we met in the country, including our host Fifu, the owner of Fifu Hotel, that made us feel like at home in every single day of our stay.

After helping with the renovation of an old Japanese house in Hadano and learning about permaculture at a family-owned farm in Kathmandu during previous volunteering projects, this time we used less our physical capabilities. I was asked to help with maintaining and updating Fifu’s websites for the hotel and Miriam was responsible for translating them into German.

We found pleasure in being part of this project, as the work was pleasant and we could organize the free time to our liking. We enjoyed morning walks in the city, when the air was less hot, delicious meals and drinks at the hotel and probably one of the best views of the city and its fort from the rooftop terrace.



Fifu has always been careful and attentive, making sure that we had everything we needed, and he even gave us the chance to take part in one of the tours in the desert (read more about it here).



It felt pleasant to be surrounded by such extraordinary and friendly people, the crew and Fifu’s family members. Fifu always had interesting stories to tell, mostly about his love for life in the desert. We never got a chance to feel like guests in his hotel, but more like friends, which made it harder to say goodbye at the end of the 10 days that we spent in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer was not just another place on our list of visited places, but a destination that we will most likely come back to in the future. Read more about the city here.